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January 13, 2014

Invitae Announces the Availability of its Family History Tool – A Free Family History Collection App – on Apple’s App Store

SAN FRANCISCO, January 13, 2014 – Invitae Corporation, a diagnostic genetic information company, today announced that the “Invitae Family History Tool” is now available.  It is a free family history collection app that enables genetic counselors to digitally build, modify, share, and save their patients’ pedigrees.  Available as an iPad and a web app, both versions can be accessed by visiting or by downloading the iPad app directly from Apple’s App Store.

The Invitae Family History Tool enables genetic counselors to build detailed and comprehensive pedigrees quickly and simply with a user-friendly interface, replacing cumbersome paper pedigrees.  A web-based version is also available that seamlessly syncs with the iPad app in order to accommodate use on tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. All patient data is safely and securely stored on a HIPAA-compliant server.

“Historically, the development of genetic pedigrees have been limited to paper, making them difficult to update and share. Invitae’s family history collection app enables healthcare professionals to digitize a patient’s family history, creating a lifetime document that can easily follow patients as they move through the healthcare system,” said Robin L. Bennett, MS, CGC, D. Sc. Hon., co-director of the genetic medicine clinic and clinical associate professor in the department of medicine at the University of Washington Medical Center.

The Invitae Family History Tool makes it easy for genetic counselors to:

Create dynamic pedigrees with a patient’s latest family history information

  • Pedigrees can be quickly and easily updated as more information becomes available throughout the lives of the patient and their family
  • Changes made to a patient’s pedigree will automatically sync between devices and can be exported to print or share

Share pedigrees easily with patients and other healthcare professionals

  • Generate a lifetime document that moves with the patient through the healthcare system
  • Provide patients with a visually engaging copy of their pedigree that tells their family story

Facilitate a more comprehensive interpretation of a patient's genetic testing results

  • With a seamless integration of the patient’s pedigree with Invitae’s existing online ordering system, the patient's family history information will automatically be added to the requisition and considered during result interpretation

“We sought the advice of genetic counselors when assessing what tools would be helpful to continue to advance the field.  With the availability of the Invitae Family History Tool, we hope to arm genetic counselors with an important new tool that will improve the way they create pedigrees and communicate with patients,” said Sean George, a co-founder of Invitae.  “Genetics is about family, and the Invitae Family History Tool represents our commitment to improving family health by leveraging the power of genetic information and innovative technologies.” 

Led by Invitae’s Arianna Gianola, the Invitae team will continue to expand the Family History Tool by incorporating risk assessment models and developing a patient-specific interface, which will allow patients to capture their family history information prior to a genetic counseling appointment.

For more information about the Invitae Family History Tool, please visit

About Invitae Corporation

Invitae's mission is to reinvent genetic testing by making it more affordable and accessible than ever before. Invitae hopes to lead the way from an era of genetic scarcity to genetic abundance to significantly improve healthcare worldwide.  Specializing in genetic diagnostics for hereditary disorders, the company is pursuing a strategy over the next several years to aggregate all of the world's medical genetic tests (>3,000 known Mendelian inherited conditions) into a single assay at a lower cost than most single gene tests today.  This capability is increasingly enabled by the rapid advancements in DNA sequencing technology.  Invitae has raised $87 million from investors, including Thomas McNerney Partners, Casdin Capital, Genesys Capital, Genomic Health, Inc. (NASDAQ: GHDX), Redmile Group, and Randy Scott. For further information, please visit


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